About koji?

About koji?

Koji is an unsung hero! It is large activity in the place which is not visible.

Bean paste, soy sauce, pickles, sake, white distilled liquor —
As for these all, koji is used.
Japanese eating habits are connected with koji in somewhere every day.
however, koji carries out that it is good for health a lot, and does not come out to a table inside — existence like an unsung hero.
I teach secret of the power by which such koji is not known.


Q.Although koji is often heard, it is really what kind of thing?

A.An aspergillus is a king of an Eastern microbe.

An aspergillus is a useful microbe which exists only in the East.
Since the character in which starch is decomposed into grape sugar and it disassembles protein into amino acid carries out decomposition absorption of the fat effectively strongly, this microbe incomparable also in the world where it occurred spontaneously according to the climate climate peculiar to Japan has also been called the king of an Oriental microbe.

Although koji itself is not eaten, it is an existence is used for fermentation manufacture of Japanese sake, bean paste, soy sauce, dried bonitos, etc. for many years, and it is [ an existence ] indispensable to Japanese eating habits.


Q.Is koji food?
A.Koji builds Moto of a taste, and the safe food of additive needlessness.

Koji builds Moto of a taste, and the safe food of additive needlessness.
What grew and cultivated the aspergillus to rice, rice bran, wheat, a soybean, etc. is called koji.
Although koji itself does not eat, when koji ferments, it is a synergistic effect with other useful microbes, and it pulls it out with sufficient balance, such as sweet taste and a taste.

And even when the fermented food by koji had no additives, such as a preservative, its keeping was high and found it useful also as preserved food.
Rather, maturing advances and delicacy has even the feature increased and said.

Bean paste, white distilled liquor, etc. are just so.
The times and predecessors without a chemical seasoning, an artificial preservative, etc. have taken in koji well to the daily life as a natural preservative as Moto of a taste.

Koji can be called microbe which produced a few sure and safe food inherited through the long history of what 100 years.
Advantage is taken in homemade bean paste and pickles also in what house a long time ago.

Such genuine articles want to improve the usefulness anew now when the safety of eating habits is asked, although time and effort and time are taken.


Q.Yeast will not differ from koji?
A.It is a useful microbe which carries out that both are good for health.

Although the place whose koji and yeast are also the friends of the same useful microbe and which has a fermentation action is the same, a kind is completely different.
Koji helps fermentation, such as rice, wheat, a potato, and a soybean, and it is indispensable to bean paste, soy sauce, and the production of white distilled liquor.
Probably, the conclusive factor of fermentation is not an overstatement even if it is called koji.
However, alcohol is not made only in koji.
Then, yeast is needed.
Yeast is called a “yeast fungus”, ferments in the place which does not have oxygen in liquid, and generates alcohol from sugar.
He is a friend of the microbe which both carries out that it is good for man’s health.


Q.hat kind of work does koji carry out?

A.Koji is full of enzyme! Needy enzyme is caught.

The three major digestive enzymes of the amylase which digests starch and it disassembles into sugar, the protease which disassembles protein into amino acid, and the lipase which decomposes fat are abundantly contained in koji.
Enzyme is carrying out very important work, when performing decomposition of a nutrient in the living body, conveyance, composition, and discharge.
Even if required nutrition, such as vitamin, a mineral, and protein, is supplied exactly, this nutrition is decomposed, and if the enzyme for replacing with required energy is insufficient, metabolism will not work well but will call in lifestyle-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, high fat, and glycosuria.

Although enzyme is a kind of the protein built in a body from the first, it is thought with the eating habits toward which balance of the man of today inclined that this enzyme is overwhelmingly insufficient.
And since enzyme becomes that are easy to break with heat and it is hard to be built with age in a body, supplying efficiently from complementary food etc. is important for it.


Q.Please teach me the easy way of staying healthy of koji.

A.One cup of miso soup promotes metabolism in the living body, and raises an antidotal effect in the morning.

Including digestive enzymes, such as amylase, protease, and lipase, abundantly, koji promotes metabolism and raises an antidotal effect.
We recommend you to take koji food but [ little by little ] every day for health.

For example, one cup of miso soup drunk at a morning.
Don’t you sink into the body and had an experience in which the inside of the body is washed?
That is because koji has discharged the toxin which used the digestive enzyme and remains in the inside of the body.
Although koji is used for bean paste, soy sauce, Japanese sake, pickles, etc., soy sauce cannot be taken in large quantities and the excess of salt also worries it.

Moreover, alcohol is not got from a morning just for a moment, either?

Probably, one cup of miso soup will be good every morning, if the healthy effect of koji is expected easily.
Can miso soup be called first way of staying healthy that Japanese people produced?


Q.Sweet drink made from fermented rice heard that it is good for health.
Is this also “power of koji”?

Sweet drink made from fermented rice has the nutrition which is equal to intravenous drip.

One of what [ the ] realizes power of koji most has sweet drink made from fermented rice.
There is an outstanding use in sweet drink made from fermented rice, so that summer putty, slight cold, etc. are solved with sweet drink made from fermented rice.
Sweet drink made from fermented rice is rice and the drink sweet nature and healthy made from koji.
Although it was common to have warmed in winter and to have drunk now, there was a custom of drinking the iced thing or the ripe thing to the prevention from fatigue from the summer heat once in summer.
Sweet drink made from fermented rice serves as a season word of summer also the haiku poem.

All the essential amino acids, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid, and a lot of grape sugar are contained in sweet drink made from fermented rice.
Nutrition to the extent that it is equal to intravenous drip is contained in sweet drink made from fermented rice, and since there is also an antidotal effect which moreover discharges heat in the living body and poison, it can be said that it is the best for poor health, tiredness, etc.
The familiar nutritional drink which both children and adults can drink to prevention of cold in order to prepare condition as a nutritional fortification agent, and it are sweet drink made from fermented rice.


Q.Is there any case which became healthy by “power of koji” concretely?

The prostatic disease etc. have been improved with the low-malt beer which condensed “power of koji.”

these days, research of the wonderful healthy power of this koji also progresses, the effect which boils blood smoothly and carries out it, and immune strength are heightened, and the case which gives resistance has also been reported.
Many examples in which a lifestyle-related disease has been improved have also been reported.
For example, let’s introduce the example where the prostatic disease has been improved.

Here, when continuing drinking here about 1 to 3% of low-malt beer drinks [ 100 ml of ] of low alcohol content using the Sada Kawauchi aspergillus, malt, and brown rice which are used also for white distilled liquor as materials every day, it is an example where the PSA value fell (see the table).
The enzyme obtained from brown rice prepares a gastroenteric tune, also has a ready intestines action and the action to which digestion is urged, and is the optimal also as aperitif.
Moreover, the citrate and the amino acid which relieve fatigue are also abundantly contained in the Sada Kawauchi aspergillus, and it seems that such examples were seen by the synergistic effect.
Probably, such white distilled liquor and low-malt beer will be good in utilizing, while protecting a proper quantity.

Moreover, since the soft drinks which condensed the power of koji also to the one poorer at alcohol are marketed, I think there whether it is good to be used.
The “slightly deep” way of staying healthy which went to the direction of the age which health began to worry one step from miso soup or sweet drink made from fermented rice is recommended.
Koji is not medicine.
However, it has the power led to the normal state of being which should exist, including abundantly enzyme required in order to keep normal the function which man originally has.

Although we the Japanese had the method of associating with the useful thing which is in such a nature from the first well, possibly they are forgetting predecessors’ wisdom with the advent of chemical synthesis substances, such as European and American eating habits and an additive.
The unbalance of such eating habits could also call it a cause that diseases, such as a lifestyle-related disease which was not seen, are spreading at prewar days, such as atopy, glycosuria, high blood pressure.
A soybean, brown rice, malt, wheat, a potato, etc. eat as it is what was able to be taken in the field.
Or it is made to ferment in koji and puts in for daily eating habits.
Can’t the Japanese, we who had the wisdom for being healthy, say that it was a race with the healthiest gastronomic culture in the world?
The thought to admire uses predecessors’ wisdom anew.


Q.The delicious alcohol “authentic white distilled liquor” way of staying healthy which was able to be done from koji

A.What of wine, and 1.5 times is “authentic white distilled liquor is blood salasala drink ?” thrombolysis enzymes?

The direction of the countries which drink wine, such as France and Germany, daily has the research data that a thrombus is not made easily.
According to investigation of an epidemiologist marmot, there is causal relationship in the development-of-symptoms rate of thromboses, such as quantity, myocardial infarction, etc. of alcohol in the world, and those mere who drink alcohol for a while understand that a development-of-symptoms rate is lower than those who do not drink at all.

heavy drinkers — “– although it may think that it is that what is necessary is just to drink more — alcohol — ” — according to the quantity to drink also uses 100 も made into medicinal long”, and “devilish water.”
It is important to drink protecting a proper quantity, if you would like to use alcohol as medicine.
If it is authentic white distilled liquor, it is about 60 ml.
It will just be going to call it one to two cups by whisky and water as an evening drink.

If this is exceeded, not to mention an effect will be lost, it may also become a thrombus becoming being able to be easy to do conversely, or calling in another evil spirits, such as affection of the liver.

There is an effect which cancels stress in alcohol.
If its proper quantity is protected and it can drink happily, isn’t there any such good way of staying healthy like this?
The back of koji is deep —