Corporate guidance

Company name Incorporated company GEN koji research institute
Capital 125 million yen
Address 〒899-6404 Fumoto, Mizobe-cho, Kirishima, Kagoshima-ken
Telephone number/FAX 0995-58-2535(Representation)/ 0995-58-3621
Correspondent bank Kagoshima Bank
Composition of stockholders Masahiro Yamamoto
Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Development Bank of Japan
Kagoshima Bank


Koji Fermentation Technology in Livestock Farming

Biogenkoji Research Institute is the pioneer of a number of “Genkoji Value Recycle” processes, as outlined below. Though until now the emphasis at the Institute was on recycling technologies in producing feed products, we are now in the process of exploiting Koji fermentation far more effectively, expanding and improving our current range of products and marketing them worldwide.Our group founder, Genichiro Kawachi, discovered a particular type of Koji, Aspergillus Kawachi, and popularized it through the production of high quality Shochu and other Japanese health food products. Initially, we developed and established the GEN system, which recycles by-products and wastes obtained from food production, manufacturing and consumption into dry feed for livestock. Our feed product not only allows growing healthy animals by fortifying their immune and digestive systems, but also changes livestock excreta into high quality manure giving off little odor. Thanks to these appealing features our products are currently finding customers throughout Japan and abroad.